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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tags Tags Tags

OK, first real news.
We been thinking about how to make the site more, hummm... associative - to let visitors to jump around the places easily, community facing and Web 4.0 (Even newer from Web 3.0 which is replacing the 'old' Web 2.0 (-;)
So tags seems like a nice idea for a site like this. We had the concept of keyword, that we asked our users to add to each place but it was more for search engines and we are not building a site for them, aren't we?

So we replaced the Keywords with Tags and we are showing the tags on each place page as you can see on this page of Green Mountain in Queensland, Australia. In addition to adding tags while adding new places, the users have the option to add tags to existing places as well.
At the homepage of SeeBeforeYouDie.Net we are showing (the so Web 2.0) tags cloud, with the top 20 tags in the site and you can jump from there to the All Tags page, with all the tags in the site (with more than one reference).


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