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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What am I doing here?


My name is Boaz and I'm part of the team running

See Before You Die is an open community website (I'll try to talk about the open community idea in the future) where users can post their idea of 'Places you must see... Before you die'.
We are not editing the content (unless it irrelevant or offensive) and we know that some of the places can't get into the 'must see' category but this is why we added to the site the ranking and comments mechanism.
You don't have to agree with other users about their must see places, you are welcome to choose your own rank and add comments to the place record.

In this blog I'll try to post some updates regarding the site. New features, new and interesting places that I think (and this is only me talking here) are must see and more.

Feel free to post comments about this blog and about the site in general and of course, come and take part and add your must see places to the site.


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